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Through examining Fini Straubinger, an old woman who has been deaf and blind since her teens, and her work on behalf of other deaf-blind people, this film shows how the deaf-blind struggle to understand and accept a world from which they are almost wholly isolated.

Run time: 85m Release: 1971-10-08

Stars: Fini Straubinger Heinrich Fleischmann M. Baaske Resi Mittermeier Rolf Illig Vladimir Kokol Werner Herzog

My Flesh and Blood is a 2003 documentary film by Jonathan Karsh chronicling a year in the life of the Tom family. The Tom family is notable as the mother, Susan, adopted eleven children, most of whom had serious disabilities or diseases. The film itself is notable for handling the sensitive subject matter in an unsentimental way that is more uplifting than one might expect.
Run time: 83m Release: 2003-01-17

Stars: Anthony Tom Faith Tom Susan Tom