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True stories of murder and mayhem morph into urban legends like the bogeyman or the monster under the bed - haunting our childhoods and scaring us throughout our lives.

Stars: Todd Robbins

Errol Morris's unique documentary dramatically re-enacts the crime scene and investigation of a police officer's murder in Dallas.
Run time: 103m Tagline: A softcore movie, Dr. Death, a chocolate milkshake, a nosey blonde and "The Carol Burnett Show." Solving this mystery is going to be murder. Release: 1988-08-28

Stars: David Harris Gus Rose Jackie Johnson Randall Adams

In 1994 a 13-year-old boy disappeared without a trace from his home in San Antonio, Texas. Three and a half years later he is found alive thousands of miles away in a village in southern Spain with a horrifying story of kidnap and torture. His family is overjoyed to bring him home. But all is not quite as it seems.
Run time: 99m Tagline: There are two sides to every lie. Release: 2012-07-13

Stars: Adam O'Brian Alan Teichman Anna Ruben Cathy Dresbach Frédéric Bourdin Ivan Villanueva Ken Appledorn Maria Jesus Hoyos

FINDING OSCAR is a feature length documentary about the search for justice in the devastating case of the Dos Erres massacre in Guatemala. That search leads to the trail of two little boys who were plucked from a nightmare and offer the only living evidence that ties the Guatemalan government to the massacre.
Run time: 100m Tagline: In a country torn apart by tragedy, the truth survived in one little boy. Release: 2016-09-03

Stars: Fredy Peccerelli Kate Doyle Scott Greathead Sebastian Rotella

Well-educated, New Hampshire mother, Linda Bishop, was determined to stay free of the mental health system after her early release from a 3 year commitment to New Hampshire State Hospital. Instead, she became a prisoner of her own mind, a fate which she documents in one of the most evocative and chilling accounts of mental illness and of our systemic failure to protect those suffering from it.
Run time: 97m Release: 2016-04-07

Stars: James E. Duggan Jennie Duval Joan Bishop Judith E. Kolada Kevin Carbone Lora Goss Lori Singer Paul Appelbaum Wayne DiGeronimo

In this documentary, Alex trusts his twin, Marcus, to tell him about his past after he loses his memory. But Marcus is hiding a dark family secret.
Run time: 85m Release: 2019-10-18

Stars: Alex Lewis Andrew Caley Evan Milton Kathleen Rainey Luke Mulhurn Marcus Lewis Thomas Mulhurn

BD Wong is not a doctor, although he played one on TV -- forensic psychiatrist/criminal profiler Dr. George Huang on "Law and Order: SVU." So he's familiar with complicated cases and digging deep for proper diagnoses, both of which play into his role as host of "Something's Killing Me." The HLN original production is a six-part documentary series that examines puzzling diseases and symptoms that result in near-death struggles. Featuring re-enactments, each hourlong episode tells actual stories of how doctors, scientists and, in some cases, federal investigators race against time to discover what or who is killing a patient. Included are interviews with victims, their families and doctors.